FS: VAFC new in box, 96+ 1.6 distributor, more

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i have a brand new VAFC sitting around in the box that I didnt need for a swap. would love to install it, but will sell if I can get $320 for it.
I also have a 96+ distributor w/ cap & rotor for a 1.6 SOHC. it was taken from a wrecked 98 civic w/ 4000 miles. $85 OBO
Some other stuff I have: full stock exhaust manifold for 92 dx $20 OBO
92 dx d15b7 head complete w/ valve cover, oil cap, brackets and intake manifold 136k mi. $ 75 OBO (will seperate parts)
96+ EX d16y8 headbolts- new from honda dealership, still in honda plastic. stock honda headbolts are stretch bolts and should not be reused. only have 8 of them, 10 bolts on head. $20 OBO

I'm in NE Ohio, email me tealdx@aol.com if interested thanks!
you're gonna have to do better than $320 for the V-AFC. jason at ALLJDM gives it to us for $328, and that's brand new from a store, not from a private party. =]
wow, i see vafc's are getting cheaper than they were back in the day... thanks for the update.
I cant beat $328 by much, $310 will be the lowest i want to go on it :spin: