FS- VT- Black 91 Integra GS

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Hey, i have decited to sell my 91 Teg. it is Blakc with Black leather Int. the int. is MINT. has an Acura CD player from a 97 integra, No mods other than a Ractive exhaust that was on it when i got it NOTHING done to the eninge. Great car to start from scrach with. There is some rust on the back hatch, just surface though. and on the pass. door ther is a hole the size of a penny. This was owned by a Old lady for 95% of its life, and a kid bought it, put a exhaust on it, then had to sell it cuz his parents didnt want him havin it or sumthing. No P/S No AC. Burns very little oil and runs very strong. here are some pics of it i took earler this year. it has 116k on it. The rear motor mount is also shot. but i have a new OEM HONDA one i got from the dealer. it has a brand new front mount also. I am asking 2400 OBO for it. my SN is Stkykid84 on AIM, and my phone number is 802-864-3553-Tyler. leave a message. I can meet somewhere if you are travling. inspected untill next march? Email-B18a_hatch@yahoo.com get at me if you want more info. thanks.

Pics >>>>> http://g2ic.com/forums/showthread.php?t=120660