fuel and oil filters

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I have been looking for a high capacity fuel and oil filters. AEM was about the only source for fuel filters. They rate it to 500HP. I Could not find any flow capacities on it. The engine that I am putting together is easily capable of over 500 hp.

I stumbled across CM filters. Construction looks good, filtration levels are exellent and the price is reasonable.

Ditto for the oil filters. the only thing I am not liking is the lack of a bypass.

Take a look and let the debate begin...

CM filters


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ah ive read about those; they look pretty good except youd have to go directly to them for a replacement filter; i prefer just going to the store and being able to buy one off the shelf.

as for the fuel filter, SX engineering has some fuel filters and they provide flow charts for them. i think the Aeromotives are the same things as SX; they can be bought from summitracing.

here is the flow chart for one of SX's fuel filter(their page is www.fluidcontrol.net )


I looked them over, they are also well constructed. They don't filter to the same levels. But I am not sure that 1 micron level is that important.

I would almost bet that if you had there filter in hand you could get one from an auto parts store.

Any others?