Fully parting out 91 CRX DX and 4dr 89 Civic DX


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Topic pretty much explains it, im parting out my 91 CRX DX that got in a front end accident (fenders, headlights, bumper, hood, and radiator are shot) At the scene of the accident, i was able to start it right back up and drive it to the side of the road, it still ran fine, but it would have overheated very quickly due to the lack of a radiator. the CRX is a dark red color, I dont know the OEM paint code, but could probably find it.
The second car of mine that I am selling/parting out is my white 89 Civic DX sedan. It has no major problems that i know of whatsoever, I drove it 75+ miles to my house without one problem, unbolted the transmission, bolted it into the CRX, and the Civic still sits in that spot to this day.
I am willing to part anything or everything out of these cars upon request, post what you are intrested in, and I will be more than happy to help out in any way possible

*edit* I forgot to mention, both cars are automatic, and I am located in Glen Spey, NY 12737. it is in the tri-state area, very close to matamoras, port jervis, etc.


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Originally posted by joesbadcrxt+Jan 24 2005, 02:03 PM-->
how much for the tail lights?Also do u have the cargo cover oh is it blue interior?
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I have the cargo cover, however, it is a black interior. Make an offer on the tail lights.

@Jan 22 2005, 02:52 PM
can you take some pics of the shortblock and pistons for me ?
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I dont have the pistons out and everything, but if you are very intrested in them, i can probably get pictures by the end of the week.


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is the title still good on the crx? would you be willing to sell the whole car? if so how much. and where are you located? just pm me back