fun drives (ain't talking scenery)

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you guys ever hit GT (georgetown) pike and buelah near vienna? fun.
or the bumpy hill (air) by gmu somewhere between braddock and little river/236/main st?
395 S King St exit towards Bradlee/Old Towne.
From Arlington, US 50 W (arl blvd) to WA blvd towards US 1/395.
~ 395 N to exit 8A, fork left
guinea between braddock and little river/main/236
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Every time I go to any of those spots.. it is FULL of traffic..

I can say that around Mount Vernon is fun to drive along the night


glad u checked it out. sry bout the traffic.
used to do GT pike late, like 2-3 am w/ a couple cars, was s13 w/ 200sx se-r, or s12 turbo w/ modified late 90s accord coupe. beware the wet leaves.
395 S onto King I think I used to do that around 8 am or 11am/noon weekdays, same w/ 50 W, would take 50 W to get to 395/king.
395 N to 8a was prob 3 or 6 pm.
the best part of guinea is the 1/2 or 1/3 near braddock. Prob later than 9 pm.

I've lived here about 6 years. where in Mt Vernon are you thinking of? like past GW's house away from Alexandria/Old Towne? Like where it can be 2 lanes, and higher speed limits? That part has water.

If you wanna run some uphill, Skyline Drive.
GW parkway to/from Roslyn/Mclean(?) is nice scenery and curves/hills.

what year is your wagon? had a 4th gen accord ex for ~7 years. did the 395 stuff and GW parkway w/ that.
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