Funny Pic...

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I snapped this pic on my way to a dyno meet in DC last weekend. I added a suitable caption...

ha thats great. I need a cheap digi cam for stuff like that. On the way up north, there is this one exit that says "E bay road" and anther one that is "Exit 69, Big Beaver Rd"
On my Road Trip to Santa Barbara this past summer, I came across my 2 favorite signs so far. The 1st one was about 20 miles east of Grand Junction, and it said "Gay Johnson's Truck Stop". The other one was on I-15 just north of the I-70 interchange, and it said "I-15 South Las Vegas Beaver".
hey Ryan where from I thought that pic looked like MD or atlest this area

give me a message at jeffie7 on aol im or on MSN