Fuse Diagram

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i have a 92 civic hatch with a buch of cool stuff [turbo, d15b swap and trans, Al fly wheel ] but i lost my intrior fuse panel cover that has the diagram of where the fuses go and i need one so if you have the panel and are willing to sell it i want to buy it... or if you have a list of the numbers, ratings, and functions of the intirior fuse box i need it. i would be forever grateful.


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you could always send me a note here on Hondaswap... i'm on all the time :worthy:


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You should have a shop manual and an ETM anyway, pricey but worth it. The Electronic Troubleshooting Manual is a fraction of the Shop Manual price it supplements. In there you will find your fuse block diagram, diagrams of every circuit including photographs of connecter locations and reference numbers to wherever a certain connector or fuse comes into play with a given circuit.


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Hey I have a picture of one with all proper stuff I believe if you have power locks and what not. I didn't getone with my car so I had to find one on the web :( . I am not on my comp but I will post later today. http://spoon.org/civic/pics/Interior-Fuse-Panel.jpg this is it. It is plenty big enough to read....