gas mileage

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My 00' gs-r stock (just got it mth ago) get around 215 in city on full tank. Is that the norm 4 a gs-r? Sucks because my 2dr civic with mods would get almost 400 on straight interstate (I think is insane!) dont remember in city but was way better then 215. Oh yeah I use 93 octane 4 gs-r because manual called 4 92. Says engine will make up for less octane but may reduce performane. Should i keep using 93 or is a rip off or bunch of bs :huh:
215 is normal driving not getting on it.


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Has the GSR had a tune up ????? and youll get more from the hwy then the city becuse of the constant stop and go in the city then fully moving all the time hwy. plus with more hp you get better gas millage.

ya boy steveo


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since when does more HP get you better gas mileage. That's completely false.

Your getting crappy mileage for the GSR, that less than 25 mpg. Time for a tune up.

If I baby the A4, which is really hard, I'll get 25 or so.