Gasket Sets?

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Are there any company's I can order like a rebuild kit or gasket kit for a B16?

Also with honda/acura motors you have to use certain colored bearings. If you look on the edge of the block under the oil pan ,on the tranny side, rear of motor <firewall side>. Sorry hard to explain without pointing at it. There will be five letters, example (DDBCC). These are the color codes for main bearings. If you still have the stock bearings , there half circles on the thin edge , there will be a colored line example( BLACK,GREEN, or BROWN) they all may be the same or all different, knowing these before you go to the dealership will really help trust me. AS far as gasket kits go factory is probably better ,but NAPA also has nice kits. Good luck
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Jan 3 2003, 11:19 AM
fuck inline 4- over priced bastards

Some of the stuff they have is a lot less than other places.I'm not defending some of the prices are just crazy,but I saved about 200 bucks over most other places I checked on the stuff I ordered.