Gauges For My Integra


My friend is going to be installing a set of indiglo gauges for my car this saturday (Yeah i konw it's rice but it was a present so i can't turn it down) and he's wondering where the best place to hook up the wires as he has never worked on an integra before and i want to make things as easy on him as possiable.




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Not sure how integra clusters work, but Civics and Del Sols clusters comes right out, just pop off the platic case over it, and dont hit the needles, unless you don't want your temp guage or fuel guage.


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There are two metal clips that hold the "Plastic" on take the clips off and press the 5 tabs and the clear plastic comes off, yea dont touch the needls it will throw everything off, but you........... WAIT THERE SHOULD BE INSTRUCTIONS...