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ive got a D series motor in a 95 Civic LX. how do i put a oil preasure gauge in the block? i dont want to take the stock sensor out and set off my check engine light. where do I put the sending unit?
You can put a T where the stock sensor is and run both the sending unit and the stock sensor off that T.
On my 93 LS it looks like a 1 wire sensor with a rubber boot over it. If you are standing in front of the car bending over the engine it is below the oil filter and a little to the right.
All B, D, F, and H series FWD Honda engines have the oil filter on the back of the block. So yes.
ok well then ill get one . do you recomend me getting one? I mean the engine is getting old and i want to make sure it has good oil preasure. Thx
If you plan on boosting or doing a head swap then they are a good idea, otherwise your oil light will come on if the engine can't maintain the oil pressure it needs.
Yeah the thing is that my light has been coming on a lot. (every week) burning a lot of oil. i just need to keep a eye on it
Then yeah, add one. It certainly can't hurt.