Genesis G70

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it's caught my eye...
it's not out yet, nor is there pricing, but it sounds like it will be in the mid 40s which is a bit more than i would honestly like to spend, but i think the same can be said for just about all cars these days. It's hard to get anything in the 20s at all. 30s, not much better. Everything in the 'want' factor is 40-60. Which is rediculous.

The posititve, it has a manual with the 4-banger
8speed auto on the 3.3 twin turbo v6
available in awd or rwd. manual only comes in rwd.

The review on jalopnik and consumer reports said the 4-banger was the better car. i'm a bit shocked...

and that it comes in about 10k cheaper, and likely will have a flash that gives it 50 more HP in a few more months is probably the way i would lean.

my next vehicle needs to be more family-oriented. Kids are in the short term horizon for me.

the comment about the back seats being small is a bit of a deal breaker from the family perspective :/

I really should buy a 4 door truck but i'm not really keen on it to drive 35+ miles one way each day to work. If I got a truck, i would keep the current gen coupe instead of trading it in, although, it's getting old (125k on it already) and only has a year or two left on it probably before it becomes a money pit, blows a turbo seal, etc...

maybe i'll take one for a test drive in a few months.


there are better options for the $$$


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Beautiful car. Looks similar to the stinger. Drive it!

I have a 4 door truck. I drive it 3-4 days a week to work. I absolutely love having it. The wife's 3 series might go if we have kids eventually as mixing a big lab and kid isn't ideal.


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I like it. You can check out the rear seats once it’s on sale...


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It's an interesting alternative to the top end non-sti wrx. If they can keep it under 40k for a well equipped 4-cylinder 6-speed, I think it'll fill a nice market (mainly one I'm planning to buy in xD)