Get Bent! part 2

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For those that are not familiar with the topic read this link first:

Gent bent! part 1

So I just finshed pulling the head and it does in fact look like I bent the valves on the exhaust side only and on the number 2, 3 & 4 cylinder. I looked inside the exhaust ports and could not visibly see the valve guides cracked or shattered. However I did notice that the guides seem to be leaking some oil on both some cylinders intake and exhaust sides.

Cylinders 1 and 2 right to left. Note that their is no shinny surface on the valves of cylinder 1 as on cylinder 2 leading me to believe cylinder 1's valves were not damaged.

Cylinders 3 & 4 right to left again. Note both cylinder's exhaust valves again have the shinny surface.

So then the questions are:

Am I correct in assuming that these valves are bent?

If so is it better to trash the head and start over?

Or do I chance it with a machine shop in replacing the valve guides as I was going to do the porting and valve assembly myself?


Buck Futter
Go ahead and remove the valves and valvesprings and such, because if you didn't bust your valve guides you'll only have to get new valves and valve seals. No reason to replace the head if there's nothing else wrong with it.