Getting away from HID lights??


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Good morning, My older Brother has a 04 TL and had to replace the HID lighting on one side that was under warranty, and of course after it's run out it went out again.
They're telling him that it's gonna be around 1300 to fix!!

SO, is there a way to get back to a halogen or the like for lots cheaper?

I'm NOT that electrical minded so if you are and can offer some GOOD info, please do so..
OR if you are in the Orlando area that would be better.

Thanks E


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he can find the parts and fix it himself for much, muuuuch cheaper.. its just like the guys doing retrofits... they dont spend $1300 for the parts.. maybe $2-300


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Thanks for your diligent help..
I'll just link this to him and let him figure it out.
He's near Orlando and i'm near Memphis. That's about all I can do for now.



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If it's just one part- it should cost him less than $100 to fix on his own. If it's gone out before and it's happening again, check wiring.