Getting Broken Into Sucks!

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Mad scientist
I know some of you have caught wind that I got broken into last week... so here's what happened.

On 1/13, I was in Houston on company business. I was out eating dinner with about 10 of my co-workers at Guadalajara in Houston. For those of you in the Houston area, it was on 59 between Kirby and Buffalo Speedway. I was at the restaurant for less than an hour.

When I came out, I got in the car and started it... but felt a breeze. I looked back and saw that the window was gone. I got out of the car, and noticed that glass was everywhere! It was dark, so I didn't see the damage when I first walked out to the car. I wasn't really paying attention- I was tired and wanted to get back to the hotel. Whoever smahsed my window got my laptop and my briefcase, along with about $1000 of personal items that were in the two bags. They left the Valentine1 and the Oakleys, along with my Polo shirt that was hanging in the window. The smash & grab couldn't have taken more than a few seconds, so I doubt my alarm would have mattered.

The officer who took down my report said that it was the second he had filled out that day, and that there had been a ton of car burglaries in that area over the last few weeks / months. You guys in Houston- watch out for that area!

I'm tired and don't feel like typing too much more- so I'll just tell you that the window was replaced the next day, and I have another laptop now. I didn't lose too much data that was on the computer... most of it was backed up.


Don't leave anything of value visible inside your car. Even though all my co-workers had their bags in the footwells of their cars too, the thieves just happened to pick mine.

Be careful where you park. This lot was pretty dark, but that's why so many thefts have happened there recently.

Some pics:


Damn,why can't people just live with what they got?Someone always has to take shit that they didn't earn.What comes around usually goes around (one way or another) unfortunately that doesn't help the victims.
seeing the broken glass every where made me think about all of the cars of that got broken in to.
kinda reminds me of when my car got broken into, atleast is wasn't your baby. it was my pride and joy and i will never forget the feeling i had when i drove up and saw the car on jackstands .
God that sucks! :( at least when my rex got broken into, they didnt have much to steal. was that your laptop or your company's? hope it wasnt yours :(
Originally posted by Trinity@Jan 23 2003, 11:44 AM
kinda reminds me of when my car got broken into, atleast is wasn't your baby. it was my pride and joy and i will never forget the feeling i had when i drove up and saw the car on jackstands .

Megan- if only you knew how much time and money went into it already... but you're right- they didn't damage much else, so the car's not really that bad.

rixXx- company laptop. The chalked it up as a loss, and I have a new one now.
well finally a sweet update on thiefs:
the two fucks, james arthur nelson and randy lee pierce that broke into my car plead guilty to 10 yr felonies in ingham county circuit court in front of judge thomas brown and will be sentenced on feb 19th at 830 a.m.

i just talked to the presentence investigator and he asked me if this kid should get jail time, my response "yes sir." hahahaha
and i asked for 400 dollars in restitution for damages to my vehicle... and i have this beauty back finally:


I hope that HPD can catch the crook(s).. but I really don't think it's going to happen. I'm more worried about identity theft than anything else.
I would be super pissed if someone stole my $400 deck (I have same one you do.)

It's not to damaged is it? If so I'd ask for a new one from insurance or ask for $400 more from the felons to buy you a new one :)

Good thing they got caught though, hopefully the story goes the same for Dr. C
adam, i thought that they stole your vafc? How did they steal your radio, did they tear apart the center councile or did they just "pop" it out? On my car, it kinda looks like the radio was stolen before of something like that because there is a huge gash on the plastic peice next to the radio
they took the vafc and the radio.. i got the vafc back awhile ago because i needed it to start the car...

92vx: they got charged with 5 counts of breaking and entering a vehicle with damage to the vehicle, so its 5 felonies 10 yrs a piece, however they plea bargained to 1 felony breakin/entering with damage max penalty: 10 yrs, and possesion of burglar's tools: not sure how long :)
Always hate to hear stories like these. Hopefully it will turn out alright for ya man
PHUCK Thieves...
I am all for HOAT... :D
Well dude at least they did not get you motor or your car, that would have been super sad.
But a message to readers who know theives or are theives themselves, IF YOU BREAK INTO MY CAR, I WILL CASTRATE YOU!