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as most of you all know i bid and won the auction for a 1990 Acura Integra on eBay. i have contacted the seller through many emails about trying talking to him on the phone about making arrangements to get the car but (1) his home phone number he has listed on the auction is disconnected (2) his work number he gave me, they wont answer the phone because all i get is a fucking answering stupid is that to not answer a BUSINESS phone in the middle of the day?? (3) i leave messages AT his work place for him to call me but he hasn't returned my calls YET!! (4) he said he would call me tonite (wednesday) but he never did.

now, i havent sent him the money yet, and i wont until he calls me like he said he would. i have done everything that i was supposed to on eBay as far as contacting him and then some. he said he is a full time college student at Indiana University and i understand that he can be a lil busy, but damn it doesnt take that long to make a phone call and discuss business with a buyer (me) about the car. i have a friend going down to his house thursday evening to try and get the car started and running for me and to talk to the guy some for me about it (prolly not a good idea but i have no other choice because i aint about to get scammed for $720 that i barely have in the first damn place and to make sure its all legit). at this point in time, im wondering what should i do? should i wait or should i say fuck it and look for something else? i am also willing to take negative feedback on eBay if i have to..but thats OK because i will leave him negative feedback if necessary. please help me out. i really want this car and i am hoping i am not getting scammed here. as i stated before...i havent sent him any money YET!! (was gonna Western Union the cash as soon as i talk to him on the phone and get everything squared away). thanks guys and gals!!


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I'd say keep looking,and if he comes through and it's legit go ahead and get it.If you find something better,then tell him "sorry,you snooze,you lose".


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I would pay for the car in person, like when you go to pick it up. That way you cant get scammed. Keep trying, 700 for an integra is a good deal.



he called today and we discussed everything about the car. he told me that my friend checked it out (which he did) and showed him everything. found out a couple of things:

-its a 5spd instead of an auto...he fuct up on the ebay ad.
-the body..rust and dent free according to my friend. it has some kinda PPG red paint job.
-the distributor just needs a new cap and rotor (immediately Advanced Auto and picked up replacements after i got off the phone with the guy).
-needs an oil change..big whoop.
-the rear hatch doesnt lock tight but that can be easily fixed i am sure.
-needs a cv joint

thats pretty much it. the guy seemed pretty cool and thoroughly explained everything to me over the phone. he kept asking me what i was gonna do to it but i told him i was just gonna get it running right first then start on things. anyways, i am going down saturday with my buddy that went and looked at it, and pick it up. we are leaving at like 11am here and gonna get there at around 2pm and drive it back. ahh i cant wait. i will take pics of it when i get back with the car :)


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SCORE it's a 5 speed. added bonus.


Excellent catch there!

thanks :) my friend said i am basically robbing the guy because he (my friend) said its worth at least a good 2 anyways, his loss my gain :)

i think ima do suspension first after i get it and fix whats wrong with it that a good place to start??


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damn dude, that's such a steal. congrads on the find again. and yeah... suspension or wheels/tires first. lood luck :) .


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And if the car ends up being a complete POS, sell the tranny and midshaft to me for $400, and part out the rest for a profit. No loss. :)
Congrats!! B) and its a 5-speed?! :eek: you lucky dawg! make it run 13's! which engine does it have? b18c??? :worthy:


E_Sol-thanks man. im glad i got me something more respectable. so long POS Escort GT :)

rixXx-13's MAY be in its future. not sure yet thats why i need ideas from you all as to what i should do to the car because like i said in another post, its been 2 years since i have done anything to Honda and i have no clue as to whats good and whats not. help a brotha out :)

HybridRevolution-you are correct. it has the B18a1 in it.

Again thanks all and i will get pics this weekend when i get the car back here to my place.


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Great find. Congrats on it turning out as a 5 speed.