Gettting Shocked On A Daily Basis

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ok. not sure WHERE to put this thread, but here seems logical.....

sometimes when i turn off my engine from driving in my ek coupe, and i open the door
sometimes when i touch the power locks, or touch the door as im closing it, i get shocked.

im assuming this means i have a short? or something worse?

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Originally posted by vtecsir1@Mar 20 2003, 05:30 PM
check your grounds and fuse box.

Dont bother checking the grounds, that will do you no good. The only source for a high voltage, low current charge like that is your coil pack and that is almost impossible. It is very unlikely that an electrical problem in your car is the problem. Probobly just static, itll go away when the weather changes. B)


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yeah, i used to drive a chevy celebrity and the interior on that thing could generate enugh static electricty to power las vegas. i swear i used to get shocked so hard it would cause a fibrilation in my heart.


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uhh there is a pretty constant source of static electricity, the wheels. Rubber can still hold static charge and transfer it by induction. lots of extra electrons are piled onto the cars chassis etc, so they jump to you when you hit the handle. The humidity also plays a large role.


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i drive an EK coupe and i get shocked everytime i get out during the winter but thats just the weather

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there is a 2 dollar solution
go to a parts store and buy a ground strap(those long black things with reflectors)
bolt it on and it will solve 99% of the problem


yeah, its static.

just go to some pussy store, and buy a can of aerosol static cling reducer (for like a womans' dress) and spray your seats
LMAO :lol: @ pussy store

karnash, i live in socal too and the same thing happens to me during the summer. it might be drier air where you live/work. the worst is when we get those santa ana winds.


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yea i fuckin hate dat shit. i just push on the windows to close the doors now. oh yea, you might want to ground yourself before you start pumpin gas......


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Originally posted by SpyOneUSN@Mar 31 2003, 11:01 AM
yea i fuckin hate dat shit. i just push on the windows to close the doors now. oh yea, you might want to ground yourself before you start pumpin gas......

werd, that shit happens to me everytime in my EG. Somebody told me I should ground myself while I pump gas but I don't bother, nothin happens.


well i dont know if this has any thing to do with it....
but everytime i walk under a street light on the street
at night time, it goes out......

i think im electro-magnetically charged or something....

if you have carpeted floor mats, it could just be from your shoes rubbing the mat, then you touching metal. if thats the case, you can try spraying your floor mat with that anti-static spray that they sell for computers.


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I think you guys should just quit being pussies. It's a little shock. Maybe you should just start stocking tissues in the glovebox so when you get in your car you have something to wipe your tears with