global warming - it's (not) coming...

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i'm so tired of hearing about global warming.
there have been four suspected ice ages in the history of the world, and nearly all of the ice has melted at the end of each of them... cycles are normal.
while i won't deny that maybe humans have contributed to the speed at which it's happening now, i won't blame it entirely on us.
nice find and speaking of ice we're supposed to get 1/4-1/2 inch tonight. hurry up global warming!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i do not regret moving before the full brunt of winter hit up there. while jobless, it still might be the most sanemaking decision i've ever made. we'll see what i can accomplish before it gets blazing hot down here in the summer. :D
nice find and speaking of ice we're supposed to get 1/4-1/2 inch tonight. hurry up global warming!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are already getting that right now.

And if global warming is real, Futurama had the best solution. Just drop a big ass ice cube in the ocean every few years.
snow and ice coming here tonight:( that means i cant put my new jdm cone lights or ground wie kit on 2mrrw wen i get them,

everybody,fill your ice trays and meet me in new london CT at ocean beach,we gotta fight the waming!!!:p
I'd just like to know how Indiana has had two of the coldest winters in 07-08 that I ever remember yet global warming is real. Seriously, it's been negative 21 here. This isn't fucking alaska.
Global warming has a lot to do with the coldest winters you've had.

That's it. High's and Low's.
I find it ironic that global warming means the earth is steadily increasing temperatures, yet the summers have been 90-100 since I can remember, but I don't recall it ever being in the negatives, let alone -21. I recall one instance where I was yelled at for going outside when it was -5 because of the windchill ONE day.
global wamring actually produces ice ages....

it's a mis-nomer.

less ozone = more sun hits the glaciers which melts into the ocean. ocean waters cool, moving jet stream further south = cold weather.
It hit -50° here in the past few days...

I am so sick of living in this cold climate. If the economy wasn't in the shitter, I'd be moving out of here.
-50 holy shit. That's cold enough to freeze your dick off if you tried to take a piss...