GM to drop Hummer and Saturn.

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My name is Byron.
I was talking with my dads boss today about how the dealership is doing and he said that today in a dealer only announcement that GM will be dropping Hummer and Saturn by March of this year. If they cant sell the name, the will be completly dropping the line up.
cut the weak links. they should do this more often and they wouldnt' have as many problems.

a chain as only as strong as the weakest link. if you are going to have hummer and saturn shit dragging you down, cut it off....
Yup, can pontiac and buick too.

I'll miss the hummer. Top gear put it best.. "Its a tonka truck with tonka parts!".

As far as saturn, I'm more than happy I won't be seeing those horrible automotive abortions leaving the factory anymore.

Hell, thats honda's job now. Cranking out ugly ass saturns.
i had heard (a rumor) that saturn had used a plastic type material for piston rods in older model cars??? anyone ever heard that before?? lol