God Do The Problems Never Stop

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Junior Member
ok i put in P28 ecu with D16Z6 motor and vwala new rev limit but i now have a check engine light on it blinks two long one short thats code 21 vtec wire code so does that mean its the vtec spool selonoid or is that the vtec oil pressure switch?please help becouse on my pin out diagram it says that the pin out for a P28 ecu is A4 but then it says that there is no A4 pin on a p28 what am i doing i dont know what im doing n e more :angry:


New Member
are you looking at the pinout on this page??
the article i wrote for this has it.

my guess is that the ECU isn't reading for it.. what kind of chip is it?

i guess i need a little more info. and punctuation.


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Ok. More punctuation. I'll try my best, but i make no promises. I dont have a chip and i havent looked at the pin outs on this page. I will however do that now.