Going To Buy Crx Of My Friend For $900

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eww i can't wait it's in next to perfect cond. i only need another hundred that i'm gonna borrow and it's mine... ALL MINE!! :p
it's an 89' i'll have to borrow my friend's digicamera, i'm thinking about doing a swap in a few months so could you give me some suggestion on what to go with it's gonna be mostly for track/street but still some auto x
mine is an 89 too :) actually, my drivers seat is worn so its less than perfect condition. heres a pic of it
[huge pic removed by rixxxceboy]

:D hope yours is just as nice
Originally posted by p0opyfacekilla@Jan 16 2003, 09:04 PM
that's nice :worthy: do you steam clean your engine compartment???

thanks :) no, i used 'purple power' degreaser from wal mart and the initial cleaning took about 10 hours total, spread over 5 saturdays. used a good wheel brush, rags and a toothbrush on a stick for the hard to reach areas. also armor all'ed the hoses and stuff. now it just needs a quick rinsing and hand-drying every other month or so to keep it that way.

BTW, i'll remove those pics later. just couldn't resist posting them at the time.