Going To The 1/8th Mile Track Tonight

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Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that my friends and I are going to the 1/8th mile track in Denton, TX tonight. I have a digital camcorder so I will be filming all of the races :) It should be quite interesting, so far we have my civic going, two rx-7s TT, one 240SX, another 240SX (with a SR20DET swap :worthy: ) , a 1.8T Audi TT Quatro, a couple civic coupes (one of them just had a p.o.s. Tornado fuel saver installed... :lol: it's going to be sad)

Hopefully, I will have all the footage transfered to my PC by tomorrow, and I'll try to share it with you guys.


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Sweet. I was going to go, but I can't make it... still at work and the track closes in about 50 minutes. :(


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I still need a pc with a fucking dv plug :( ...the camcorder has a USB jack but it's only to transfer the still image stored on the memory card...
give me a couple of days...

My times were pretty crappy though...best was 10.793 whereas my best last summer was 10.64...but I did get a .572 reaction time which was quite an improvment.


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Ok, I got the video uploaded (not edited)... the quality is kind of ok, I can't film with a steady hand, especially if I don't have my nicotine fix :D but one of my friends took over the filming and the quality is better

Anyway, the video is about 40Mb, (~23 mins long in 320x200 res.) streaming but you can save it I think.

You'll see my sorry ass and my wheel-hop, and quite a few domestics...but what did you expect in Denton, TX?

Link to video
the first few moments of the video suck...I was just testing to see if the camcorder worked

lemme know what you think


Originally posted by delsolty@Mar 22 2003, 04:49 PM
man them hondas on that was so so sad.

yup... mid 10s

that yello ting (i think its a stang) was pretty bad ass


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yea whats up with all the civics runing mid 10s with full bolts ons like ive seen fully bolted on civics running 10.5s and stuff while i have short ram and test pipe and i run 10.3 on street tires. anyways i guess my cars is lighter but i didnt think that it would make that much of a difference. Any way im gonna start going back out there when the my car gets fixed hopefully i can get into the 9's could anyone give me some ideas on what to get to get me into the nines.


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my best is a 10.16 an im very lightly modded. that was on 17's with old parada spec 1's. hopefully when i go back down to 16's maybe even 15's ill be able to break into 9's.

:ph34r: this time next year ill be into the 7's :ph34r:


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Originally posted by markiebredsol@Mar 26 2003, 11:57 AM
yea whats up with all the civics runing mid 10s with full bolts ons like ive seen fully bolted on civics running 10.5s and stuff

umm....they have stock engines....stock civic engines have 100 hp


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Damn. That newer pewter colored stang running low 8's got out of the hole like a banshee... Looks like Nitrous on slicks...