Golden Eagle vs. RS Machines vs. Darton MID


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i just got a price quote for a sleeve job, 84.5mm

Golden Eagle - 799
RS Machines - 780
Darton MID - 900

which one should i go with for N/A purposes?


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They'll all h old up just fine for N/A purposes. I have a GE sleeve in my block at 85.5mm, and I love it.


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If i get another motor sleeved, it's going to Bensons.
currently, i have a GE block


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this thread is OVER a year old.

i suggest you call around and see if prices are the same... because they probably aren't, or some places might not even be doing sleeves any more.


Originally posted by allbottledup@Aug 3 2005, 04:21 PM
i read alot of good things about the darton mid. It looks like a good idea
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Where have you read that. I would like to read it. I looked at them but decided to use GE.

The darton has a small groove around the top and a series of small holes. I believe that this design will hold more heat and could possibly cause turbulance with the coolant.

The GE's on the other hand look to be more open at the top. I wish I could have got dimensional information on both of them. If so a calculation of surface area at the top of the sleeve could have been made and see if they are close or not. Picture wise I do not think so.