Gonna paint

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So I'm tired of all the same stuff to do on weekends....bars, dinner...movies, bowling ...etc...

So tonight my girlfriend and I are going to go to Michaels Art supplies and get a canvas and some paint , get drunk, create a masterpiece.

Now mind you I have no formal Art or painting experience but i can assure you whatever we create will be worth thousands of dollars in the near future.

Pictures to follow:
if you are gonna get drunk, get some body paints. you'll have a lot more fun with that. trust me.
This has all the makings of a funny night... what could go wrong: beer, titties, and paint... sounds like fun to me.
oops yeah its for sale on ebay :p

Original Abstract Artwork Signed by both artists - eBay (item 260373165026 end time Mar-16-09 18:41:58 PDT)





you need to add better pics of the gf
maybe modeling the artwork in a bikini
then you'll get some serious hits
nah, unlike some people like in the GF picture thread, i don't like to do that....no one see's my girl like that but me :)