Good asking price for my Civic?

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Oh, I do a little here and there.
Getting rid of this damn thing finally. Can't keep up with all the work it needs all the time. I couldn't even get $1500 for it with all the parts and everything. Every time I fix something, something else goes out, and it's my only car that doesn't always get me around when I need to go somewhere because I'm usually having to work on it when I could be doing other things. I don't have the time, money, or motivation to keep working on this when it's my only ride. And my brother gave me $1500 to look for a new car, so I'm looking to scrounge up a little more and try to find an unabused, stock 89-91 crx or civic hatch/sedan.

It's a 93 dx sedan with:

jdm d15b vtec engine, tranny, po8 ecu swap
coilovers all around dropped 2"
GSR fat fives painted black with brand new uninstalled GT Champiro 205/50r15's
akimoto racing short ram intake
ebay header just like dc sports
test pipe
buddy club spec 2 catback exhaust system
nice tinted windows with no bubbles
new radiator support uninstalled
new hood latch uninstalled (bent the old one)
new front bumper support uninstalled
new front bumper straightener piece that goes on rad. support
new in box Energy performance poly urethane self-lubing suspension bushings (master set)
new alternator I just installed
new headlights and corner light uninstalled
short shift
shift knob
grant steering wheel

needs new hood, fenders, front bumper and it'll look like new in the front

Couldn't get $1500 for this on craigslist even with all the I asking too much or should I just go ahead and sell all these parts and whatever I can from the car and would that make me more money?


its a crashed civic... what do you want? lol

I'd part it out. you got 500 in the motor, 500 in the wheels, and you can ealy get 500 from the rest, then throw the shell out at a junkyard.