Good Camber Kits

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I have really bad wear on the inside of my tires, mainly the rear, and I'm wondering if anyone has had any good or bad experiences with any camber kits out there in the market, and which ones those were. My current setup is tokico blues with ground control coilovers, I'm thinking of getting rid of the coilovers and getting some good springs at the same time that I replace the tires though and I'm considering a drop between 1.75-2.25".
I used to have the same setup on my 98 civic. i have Skunk 2 front camber kits and ONX for the back. i havent had any problems with them. The front are tricky to adjust. Just have another person there to help you if you go with them. Just be sure to get an alignment before you start driving it around or you will need new tires again.
Omni Power is going to be your best deal. I've used Sprint on my Accord and it was good. Just make sure to stay away from the front bushing/rear washer camber kits. They are mostly crap. Get a real new A-arm that is adjustable up front and the I bar in the back.
What about the Eibach camber/alignment kits? Anyone have anything to say about those?
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I think I'm just gonna go ahead and get the full Omni kit to play it safe. Thanks for the input guys :thumbsup:
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The Skunk 2 kit is a complete A arm replacement. I think I payed $150 for the both.


You have you alignment looked at before spending the money on a camber kit. 99.999999% of the time, tire wear is from bad toe, not camber.

I have crazy camber in the back of my car (2.7 degrees) and 1 degree front, but my toe in is perfect when it was aligned. A year later I can barely tell any wear difference on the back.

Just keep the wheels rotated. If you're going in to get an alignment, you can always do the rear washer trick to fix the camber w/o worrying of really jacking up the toe in permantely.