Good deal or not?

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How does this sound?
94 ls motor-full swap- with a 2000 si tranny on it
motor has 75K on it and the tranny has 10K on it
he wants 1500 for it shipped

what do you think?

i would end up turboing it within a few months, would the si tranny suck with a turbo?

any advice is appreciated :worthy:
The SI tranny isn't so hot with a turbo, you want taller gears for a turbo so that you stay under boost longer. Most people here say that a good choice for a tranny with boost is the LS tranny, cause it has tall gears.

$1500 shipped is a good deal, but whats the engine condition like? Something sounds kinda fishy that the engine has only 75k on it and they replaced the tranny... how come?
theres a post i posted in anythign goes
a guy who has an ls is looking for an si tranny...
even swap

good price

id jump on it and then find someone to swap tranny's with you