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whats up...i finally got my ride...96 cx hb.....planning to swap an ls....i want to boost it except i wanted to no what are the best aftermarket name to go terms of pistons...rods....sleeves....Intake Manifold etc. thanx
For domestics.. Ross is the shit.

For Imports, id go JE or Aries, Crower rods and some sleeves from Ericks racing :))) and IM, Id have to go with Toda ITB's.

What cash do you have to spend? You can wait forever to build a motor with the best parts, but if your local engine builder doesn't know shit or is just a "decent" builder, then your setup will only perofrmance "decently". Tuning is key also.

Its as much as how its built and tuned as it is the products.
Golden Eagle Sleeves 84mm bore
endyn or IB spec wiseco's 9:1 84mm bore
eagle rods
get the head combustion chamber out to 84mm as well- better queche area
HEAD WORK! shifting at 6700 sucks when you are boosted. valves/springs/retainers/cams
obd1 conversion
hondata s200/b
ard head studs
gsr tranny w/quaiffe
full-race turbo setup
720cc injectors
misc electronics
you'll run 11s.