Good Plans For My Rex?

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2 New Rotors
2 New Calipers (red)
New Brake Shoes
New Brake Pads
17 ADR RS Limited
CD Player
2 12" Pioneer IMPP
New 800Wt Ampx2

PLANS- (in order)
Fix Rust on wheel well
Paint White (same color)
Clear Bumpers
Short Shifter
Port heads and Intake Manifold
Lowering Springs
Camber Kit
2 1/4 Exhaust
60shot wet Nos
Conversion from blue to black interior
Leather Seats
14b turbo of Talon (run at 5psi)
Buddy Club Body Kit
Clear Underbody Neons
Sunvisor TV's
1 10 Alpine R Subwoofer (lighter then my 12's)
600wt Orion Amp bridged
Incar blue neons - 8 of them

That should be about it, Its going to be an all out show car... i have decided on all these things based on reasearch alone, if you have any better ideas let me hear em :rolleyes: I have bout 1k in this car so far and over time (about 2 years) i will be putting about 4-10k more depending on prices that I get... well thanks for looking!

Just thought I would throw this in here cuz its great :kick: :slap:


I'm just about that action Boss.
Please don't put bags on a crx. Honda's and Bag's don't belong together, maybe some mini trucks and that stuff but please don't desimate your suspension by putting bags on it.
my 2 cents...

if youre making it a showcar, i suggest not painting it white. white doesnt show off reflections as well as other colors do. also, i dont think anyone is really impressed with neon anymore. IMO i think its generally looked down upon at cars shows.

get the best coilovers and shocks (tein, H&R, progress, eibach...KYB agx shocks is the way to go). handling is the crx's strongpoint, and coilovers are a must for a showcar. Dont bag it. bags on a crx would make alot of people puke. also, get a high quality cat-back system. something stainless. look into greddy, tanabe, apexi. also, i would get some kind of custom enclosure designed for the hatch to house the woofer and amp(s)...and the nos bottle of course. also..please dont waste money on leather seats! get racing seats instead.

other things that a basic crx showcar should have:

front strut bar
aftermarket steering wheel
racing seats! racing seats! racing seats!
projector headlights
cf hood

1 more thing... IMO i like the VIS racing kit alot better than the buddy club one...and like nobody has it. Just dont get the mugen knock-off/wings west kit. everyone seems to have that one, and i dont even think it looks all that great.


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if your building it for show just do a mini me swap and chrome out the engine bay. you'll save money and i hope you don't plan on street racing that thing cause if you have a built motor in there all you will do is tear up your paint job.