Got a 89' Si, what do you think of this set-up?

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I was just given a 89' Si, 128000km on it which is roughly 72000miles.
I feel bad about ripping out a perfectly good motor.
Anyhow, I still want more power, I'm used to driving a 340whp Colt, and then to go to a .000000001hp Si (Yes, i'm being sarcastic) really puts a downer on me cause now almost every car can beat me.
So I've done abit of research, asked a coupl people for advice and came up with a set-up, let me know what you guys think and offer suggestions.
Car is fitted with a stock D16A6
Planned mods:

D16Z6 head - To stay OBD1 - less wiring problem hassles....
Megan Racing Header
Megan Racing Cat Back
V-AFC - to control the VTEC
Custom intake
Prelude TB
Port/Polish the head and intake manifold
Deck the head - for more compression
SIR Fuel pump if needed

Now, I don't know what ECU to go with, I was told to go with the P28 ecu.
I'm not looking for asphalt tearing power, but power that makes the car fun to drive.

Let me know what you guys think, I'm new to the Honda Tuning world, so please bare with me.


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look into a minnie me set up....but it sounds like you wont be happy with a sohc.....get a dohc....


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Well to start of in your post you said add a d16z6 head to stay obd1 you mean to say to stay OBD0 the car is OBD0 now and then you want to add a p28 ecu which is OBD1 you would have to convert the car to OBD1 and then you wouldnt have to get the VAFC controller because the ecu would control vtec for you but then you would have to get a OBD1/2 distributor because obd0 wont work with a p28.


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Thanks for clearing that up.
I don't want to go B-series, because thats $$$. I would rather drop money into a D-series and have a fun car to drive. If I really wanted power I would go with a type-r and boost it.
I can get a b16a2 swap kit for 1700CDN. But again, I would have to do alot of wiring and what not which to me is not worth it.
I have a fast car already, I just want another reliable car with some balls.
I was thinking about a ZC but again, thats alot of wiring which I'm sick of doing.


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Originally posted by TurboColt@Jun 27 2005, 12:44 PM
I was thinking about a ZC but again, thats alot of wiring which I'm sick of doing.

DOHC ZC into 89 Si isn't much wiring - change out plug at distributor and extend 2 wires to the Cylinder Position Sensor on the end of the exhaust camshaft - nothing else to change - a lot less than wiring up a D16Z6, or any other engine for that matter (except another A6 or a SOHC ZC)


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Well, after talking to a few friends, I've opened my options.
I can do two of the following.
B16A2 - 1300USD
B18C1 - 2000USD
Both come with tranny, mounts, ecu, harness, ecu and axles.
All i would need is the rywire conversion harness's and hydraulic shifter cables.

I also talked to another guy and he's building a D16Y8 with eagle rods and Grand Vitara pistons? He's slapping a T3 on it and apparently it will hold up to 11psi...
What do you guys think? tune the D16 or go with one of the above B-series...


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Originally posted by TurboColt@Jun 28 2005, 11:59 AM
hydraulic shifter cables.

[post=517416]Quoted post[/post]​

:blink: not on a b16 or b18 shifter cables are on h22 and f22 trannys
you need to get shift linkage for a b swap

I would go with the b16, I did after I had a mini-me swap
i like the power of the b16 compared to the mini-me