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ok hee is the question. will it throw a cel if the o2 sensor is not hooked up right? and will vtec still engauge if the o2 sensor is not hooked up right? also how do i check to see if vtec is engauging? any help is mucho appreciated....:confused:
To find out if vtec is engaging you could just rev it up with the throttle body and put your finger on the vtec selinoid at the same time and if you feel it like click then vtec is engaging.
yes the vtec will engage fine if the o2 sensor isn't hooked up; also You should be able to feel when the vtec kicks in for sure lol, please rep if it helped!!
Where do i find info on the red line for the d16 head thats on the car?
  • Found in
    • 1992-1995 Honda civic SI
    • 1992-1995 Honda Civic EX, EX-V
    • 1992-1995 Honda Civic ESi (European Market)
    • 1993-1995 Honda Del Sol Si (US)
    • 1993-1995 Honda Del Sol ESi (European)
      • Displacement : 1,590 cc (97 cu in)
      • Bore and Stroke : 75 mm × 90 mm (3.0 in × 3.5 in)
      • Compression : 9.2:1
      • Power : 125 hp (93 kW) @ 6600 rpm & 106 ft·lbf (144 N·m) @ 5200 rpm
      • Redline : 7300 rpm
      • Fuel Cut : 7411 rpm
      • Valvetrain : SOHC VTEC
      • Fuel Control : OBD-1 MPFI
      • Head Code : P08
      • ECU Code : P28
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