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I was outside smoking at work, and I saw Kevin cruising in the tow truck with someguy in it. Well they were heading in the general direction of this GSR that had been sitting for about a year. I saw them park right behind it, and started walking that direction. Sure enough they were loading it up on the truck, so I walked up to the owner and asked if he was getting rid of or fixing, he says "don't know, going to see if it starts" I told him I would buy it off him reguardless, and we got real wide eyed and was like "really!?", I say yea. Then he's said they were going to try to start it, and he would get back to me. Anyway, he just got back from Iraq and is probably going to score a new car anyway, so he hopefully is wanting to dump this one cheap since he is an officer and made bank down there, so I am hoping he lets it go :) The tow truck guy buttered him up for it explaining that once they get a rust in the rear, it's over, and he should cut his losses and sell it to me.

Now my dileema, should I swap over everything to my hatch, then sell the GSR with a B16A, make a poor mans type R, and sell the rolling chassis, or just keep the GSR, sell my hatch and use the money make it actually fast? damn. I'm think swap B18C1 into hatch, sell B16A2 and rolling chassis, and finish hatch.

Cliff notes might score a GSR


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i would swap the b18c1 into ur hatch..the b16 in the 4door gsr and sell the gsr...but thats just me, im not a really a big fan of the 4 door


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Sweet score! Swap that B18c1 into your hatch! I love my GSR sedan in grey... but hatches rule! I swear that that as time goes by, eg hatches only get sexier looking... B)


I wanna be sedated
Originally posted by JDMilan@Mar 13 2004, 06:35 PM
swap out the motors,,,,,,,,, :) or I should say the bottomends

I was thinking that, but then I would have to get new pistons in order to make up the lose in compression form switching to the B16 head. I am pretty much set on swapping the 1.8 into the hatch, and then I can put the CTR cams in the GSR and get a Skunk2 IM and be doing pretty ok. And if I can sell the chassis and B16A for enough, boost is a definite consideration :)

TPP, you are very right about that, and also having a kid it would be useful, that is why this kind of a dileema, as they are both US spec cars, and I can take either back to the states with me. I just see the hatch being able to be a lot faster for a lot less.


if you get the gsr, id like those wheels, since mine are in shitty condition, that is if the price is right. good find mang


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Originally posted by 92b16vx@Mar 13 2004, 02:02 PM
both US spec cars

I was going to say, I thought that the only Integra's in Europe were the ITR's.

Swap the GSR and the B16 motor. I don't think that b's plan would work unless you want to ship the b16 over here, because is there even a real market over there for b16's?

if there is, screw the d15, too much power. Throw the EDM d14 that is carbed.


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Keep the GSR intact, sell the hatch... build the GSR block and boost it. You'll have one hell of a sleeper with a 4 door turbo GSR! Just make 500+ whp and you'll be good.

:D :D :D