Got my first tat

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get tha fuck out!
well last night i got my first tattoo, and i later found out that i got it in one of the worst spots, its a natical star and i got them on both arms and it hurt like a motherfer so yea tell me what ya think.


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In Russian prison the nautical star signifies your high status in the thieves world. There is a real answer for you ^^/.


because it quoted NSFW content outside of the NWS forum.

The same reason why the post you quoted got deleted, and why that poster has been warned.


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i got warned for wanting to show off a tat im confused?
you didnt get a warning, the person who posted the link to the starfish asshole tattoo got a warning, the post of the starfish asshole tattoo and the one that quoted it were deleted to remove the NSFW content from this thread...


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the back of the arms is not too bad of a place for tattoos.... i have a court jester on the same spot on my right arm and it didnt hurt much more than on the shoulder. the most painful of all my tats was the ones on top of my feet. that hurt like hell grinding the colors into that thin skin ouch!


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the true reason for getting inked. I hate all the people with "tattoos that have meaning" that's a bunch of bs. its body art nothing more, nothing less.
Not my tattoos. I got a portrait of my son. In two weeks i'll be getting a portrait of my daughter. Please don't generalize all tats :)


get tha fuck out!
Not my tattoos. I got a portrait of my son. In two weeks i'll be getting a portrait of my daughter. Please don't generalize all tats :)

i wanted mine because of the way they look, and theres always gotta be someone that comes in here trying to be right all the time. i dont look at them as body art, i just look at them as something that has meaning or something that uve always wanted. mine where something i always wanted.


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I see both sides of the argument. Obviously the memorial on my ribs has meaning. My fraternity letters on my inner lip I got because it was free and well, why the hell not?

And my next one will also be more fun/body art. I'm actually going with a girl and we're both getting one.

Nice tattoo though. And as far as pain, worst spots are the ribs (the higher and closer to center the worse it gets, trust me), center of the chest, underarm/armpit, etc. Basically anywhere that is ultra sensitive or right on bone.