got my new wheels brakes on :)

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well i got my new brake setup finally put on after like 3 months of waiting for wheels that would clear my brakes. fat fives cleared no problem :)

old setup was:

90-91 CRX si rims painted black
195/60/14 falken azenis
stock crx brakes
ss lines
hawk hps pads
15/16 MC

new setup is:

gsr fat five rims
205/50/15 kumho ecsta MX
integra type r calipers
91 civic ex rotors (10.2")
hawk hps pads
15/16 MC

this should reduce fade just a tad :)

brakes are still working there way to bedding in and i just drove around the block, but once it gets settled it will be great :)

only problem im having now is that the pad rubs the inside of the rotor (the part over the hub) i think its cause that stupid thin metal peice is bent or something not holding the pad tight. ill fix it later.

pics tomorrow or whenever.
cause theyre type r y0!!!1!

and they fit the stock crx knuckles with a 10.2" rotor

da/ex calipers wont work on a 10" rotor without the da or ex knuckle. and i dindt want to use the da knuckle since it messes up geometry, and i didnt wanna waste the time and money looking for a ex knuckle set then have to pay out the ass for all the components.

sooo, the type r calipers, bolt right up to the crx knuckle with a 10" rotor with very little modification. less time less money. for almost an identical setup to a ex setup except with slightly larger calipers and pads.
nope, type r's are larger. i compared them side by side with stock integra ls calipers and they are bigger. not byu much but youy can see it when you have them side by side
another thing i noticed is that the caliper piston is pushed out alot. obviously the calipers are meant for a wider rotor and are in effect wider themselves. will the caliper being pushed out like that affect braking performance or fuction?


As long as you're not going to pop the pistons out of the caliper when the pads get worn down and you hit the brakes- but I doubt you'll have any issues with that.