Got No Tach/speedo...please Help.

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Hey guys, you seem to be knowledgeable in just about everything, so I hope you can help. Put a 2000 Civic DX engine, trans into a 97 CX, and everything works fine, with a few exceptions. The tach and speedo do not register anything at all. They dont even operate erratically. Nothing. Also, the cooling fan does not kick on...ever. I hard-wired it to a switch. Are there differences in the wiring that I can fix simply? The ECU is from the 2000 DX, as is the wiring harness. The only advice I have gotten so far is to pull the entire harness off the engine and swap in the old wiring harness/ecu. I dont exactly want to do that, but will if I have to.


the speed sensor should be a plug- make sure you plug that in by the slave cyl.
the fan should have nothing to do with your tranny.