Got Vtec But Not Sure Where To Go

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Junior Member
I got a 95 gsr in a 95 civic coupe done up for some slight show but I want mostly go. I just don't know whats up with the frank motors as far as well how good do they work, and are they gonna be shop queens. I love my car and don't have a problem workin on it but I like driven it a whole lot more, I was thinkin about putting a stroked out crv block with a T3/t4 hybrid under my vtec head will it give me any problems???
If i were you i would turbo your current motor... I personally think that the b20 has super thin cylinder walls and is not the best choice for boost. Check into boring your current block, and builing up the bottom end for turbo.
what about the LS block? Would that be better for a turbo ap. because i hear it gives you more displacement than a just a regular GSR
you already have the block, yeah you could buy an ls block because you have the VTEC head, but personally save the cash and build up your GSR block...
Maaseyracer has the right idea,your not going to get enough power gains from building a frank out of your present motor to make it worth it.If you had a stock motor and had the other parts laying around yea,but to take apart a already great motor is a waste.