gotta ? bout RT

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ok I went to the track a while back and I was just thinking about it on the drive home....I remember someone getting a -0.0 RT isn't that perfect? and if so why did he redlight? I mean I thought 0.0 would be perfect....


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If it only shows accuracy down to the tenths, it's possible that he redlighted with a -0.06 or something.


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Originally posted by jimboburgess@Jul 9 2005, 12:01 AM
tonight i lost with a -0.037 redlight it sucked.
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ouch you guys have ladders? I just go to time trials...I got made fun of today at our "strip" becuase I decided to race a Talon TSI lol and im bone stock its funny!! I didn't care though


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friday night street racing. time trial til 9 pm then single elimination.