grant steering wheel to momo hub??

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I'm just EF'n..
i started looking for a differnet steering wheel cuz I wanna get rid of the riced out one I have and finally found a decent looking grant steering wheel that I liked and for cheap..:) Only problem is that it says that I need to buy Grant Installation Kit and it just looks like regular hub when I searched it.. I already got the momo hub so do I really need to buy it??

link to the steering wheel...

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Mad scientist
Go to AutoZone and measure out the Grant wheel bolt pattern. I have Grant wheels and I love them- but I think the Momo uses a 6 bolt circle instead of Grant's 5.


That’s how you get ants
it aint going to fuckin work, you need an adapter that fits the wheel. or you can weld the wheel to the momo adapter.


I'm just EF'n..
Well I went to pepboys and saw that they got the adapter there for like 20 bucks but its for just like chevy models and shit..