Greddy emanage

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ok so I am going to get a greddy turbo kit for my 2000 civic ex with a d16y8 motor and it comes with the Greddy emanage system. I dont really want to spend that much money on chipping my ecu, but am i better off with the emanage or chipping it. If so what do you guys recommend. I dont understand the diffferences between uberdata, crome, or hondata.

thanks for you help


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E-manage is a piggy back system IIRC. Some people claim that they are more of a hindrance that it's worth. My vote goes to a chipped and tuned ECU. Find a reputable tuner in your area and pay the money to have it tuned right. Protect your investment by spending your money wisely with ways that have been proven.


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guys hes OBD2 so emanage would actually work out fine for his car.

you non-obd asshats trying to run emanage. :lmao:


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thanks guys for you advice

i know that chipping my ecu has better tuning capabilities, but i want to
make sure the greddy emanage (it comes with my turbo kit) is good enough for having my car tuned for a couple months
until i save up some money convert my obd2 to obd1 and get it chipped
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