GREDDY G15 Kit custom! CHEAP!!!

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Selling my civic with out the turbo set up, people need to work for a built civic in my eyes. and its worth more with out the turbo as retarded as that sounds.

1150$ + $100 shipping

Here is a great shot at a cheap and very good turbo set up. Before i ebay it i want to give some of the guys here a shot at a great turbo set up. This turbo is meant to run on stock internals and low psi for dally drivers, of course with a good tune. easy to set up, fits like a glove.

Greddy log header came with the g15 kit
Greddy G15 turbo, TH04H ( based off mitsu turbo)
Mishimoto Black intercooler. ( looks sweet )
ETS and GREDDY turbo couplers. ( has 1 ebay coupler seen on right side of intercooler) ets 2in to 2.5 coupler is like 15$.
The left one is a ebay chink chink one, but these pics are when i just got the car running.
Custom pipe made by my friend, over 10 years exp in turbos. 2 inch from turbo to intercooler and 2.25 to the intake.
AND 440cc injectors.
Oil line and fittings in great shape.
And ill toss in a rebuild kit for the turbo and the old greddy pipe, its always good to have extra shit handy.

Over all money into turbo kit: From greddy $1500 intercooler 150$ hks Bov 190$ Cupler and T clamps 100$? rebuilt kit 100$ Custom pipe and flange worth about 300$ in my mind (120$ spent on pipe, my friend flaged for free and welded it for free) 440cc persecion injectors 220$

$1150 + 100 for shipping, You can have your self a killer turbo D motor with some big balls, dyno runs around 200-500 depends on what you do. chrome , hondata ect... Any one can make this turbo kit work, idc if your family shares the same tooth all you need to do is dyno you setup. Have fun kids, feel free to PM me, the turbo will be going on ebay in 3 days for $1300.

ImageShack - Image Hosting :: sl380127.jpg

ImageShack - Image Hosting :: sl380128.jpg

This turbo has been at 5-8 psi its hole life, For $1150 i dont see how any one can go wrong.
Only thing Getto here is that stupid coupler off ebay, every thing else is brand name stuff, Greddy, HKS, ETS, mishimoto, and me made :)
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