Ground wire problems B16 wont start

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:angry: Does anyone have a grounding diagram for a crx with a b16 obdo I think the grouning is messed up. Everything has power except for pins b15 and b17 (white wires) these are the ignition outputs on the b plug. I went through every pin with a test light I know the ecu works because I put it in my friends crx with the b16 swap and it fires right up. The ecu's LED doesnt light up at all even when the car is on auxillary power its weird! On auxillary power the ecu is supose to blink twice to let you know that the ecu is getting the proper readings. I just have a feeling that a ground is placed in the wrong spot, but i can't find a wiring diagram to save my life! The distribior has been changed with a brand spankin new one along with new plug wires, and spark plugs. The starter spins the flywheel but the motor wont fire. Please if you have had this problem or one like it please please please help me out I'm stumped! Thanks Beau Stephens :D


did you try putting your buddies ecu into your car? sounds like you did the opposite, but didin't say if you did that.

if his ecu starts yoru car, yoru ecu is probably toast.