Gsr Ecu To Type-r Ecu Switch

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Junior Member
I want to do an ECU switch from a stock 98 Integra GSR to an Integra USDM Type-R ECU... What should I expect from the switch? I don't want to dump money into this and not get anywhere? I have just the basic mods right now, I have the Intake, Header, Exhaust, Wires, Plugs... and blah, But I was wanting to do the swap... Is it worth it for me? Are there any risks in doing this as well?

prawjEKt Cx

Senior Member
ok you have a b18c installed right now, you still have GSR intake manifold and Cams correct?..... leave the gsr ecu in then, you'll be better off


if you have a gsr, and a stock gsr IM, then the type R ecu will slow you down. the ITR ecu p73 does not have IAB control for the secondaries on the IM


i tried that it sure gave my b18c a much stronger kick from 5700rpm on.
The only thing to worry about is 8500+ rpm the motor is not designed to

prawjEKt Cx

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there's a team of smart ass motherfuckers that designed that motor and ecu to play together, and if you are still running stock cams and not to mention that odd ball IM then leave your ecu the way it was.