gsr leather and rims *pics*

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I've got a set of gsr leather seats, great condition except a minor bit of wear on the driver's side bolster 200 plus shipping.
also I've got some Exel speed 17's. they are gunmetal with a polished inner ring. they have hankook ventus tires on them. 2 with some camber wear, nothing outrageous though, the other two are great. they do have some curb rash. i'd like to get 400 for them with the lugs. I'll entertain any offer.
I'm looking for 2 gsr blades. i dont care if they are curbed or scratched. also looking for a tial wastegate and some 650 cc injectors. Located in Colorado. I'll get pics up tomorrow.


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price is negotiable.

I curbed the crap out of the rims. 350 + shipping for the rims tires and lugs.

here they are on a car.