GSR or LS in a 92-95 CIVIC

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I'm just about that action Boss.
Hey, I can acquire LS motors from a buddie that aren't too high of miles for about 1,500 with lsd and gsr tranny and GSR's for like 2G. It is pretty much everything I need except for the shift linkage, mounts, and axles. I am planning on buying one in a month or so and doing minor building so it is drivable my high school's drag races in May. Which is the best for overall for 1/4 mile time? I know many peopel with one or the other but no one who has experience with both. The engines aren't quite too legit but aren't exactly stolen. I also have the option of b16's for like 1G but they are only gen 1. Which is overall the best in terms of time and easiness to swap? Thanks for any possible answers.
out of the box, the gsr will be faster.

swap hassel,
the gsr is harder to wire due to VTEC.

what model civic do you have?
I have a friend that has a LS in his 4th gen hatch and its pretty mean, and the LS is a lil bit bigger then the GSR so id do the LS and spend some money on some proven performance parts and go from there. Its what id do.