Gsr/t Vs. Ls/t

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So, given the same turbo, same everything stock gsr, stock ls. Same car. Which would put up better numbers? I've been arguin endlessly for the last few days and wanted to see what you guys thought. Or if there is a thread I missed could you post it?
There is a thread about it,but B took it out of his signature,so I don't know who still links it.But there is a reason B dropped the ls/vtec and got with a GSR/t.
solreaver still has it i believe.

it has some info, but now the source backwalked and so half of what was said, wouldn't stand true today.
the gsr/t would put out higher #'s and would most likely beat the Ls/t easily. the argument for the Ls having a better powerband still stands, but if i had a choice id tak the gsr/t over ls/t.