GSR wont start. Checked everything!!HELP!!

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I recently had my gsr motor built, anyway long story short couldnt get it started realzed that the guy who put my motor together didnt kno how to set the timing with adj. cam gears, so the timing was off. Since the timing was off my valves bent. So car started up but back fired and had no power. Anyways i set it on tdc removed the timing belt, valve cover, cams, basically everything to take the head off. So now heres my problem my fathers friend who rebuilt his integra cylinder head did my valves, i replaced my valves with nitric coated supertech valves. When i got the head back i put everythign back the exact way i took it off. Double checked eveyrthing, timing even replaced the distributer, new spark plugs. the car will not start, i am soo frustrated because ive literally checked and double checked eveyrthing it could be, im gettin spark im getting fuel and from tryin to start the car soo many times with it not starting i believ ive flooded it because the oil its really watery feeling and smells liek gas so im changing the oil. now heres my question. When i orignally bent my valves i knew they had bent because before i redid the timing the right way i felt the valves hit and thats when i knew the timign was off. so like i said i redid it and the car fired right up, now after i put the head back on with the new valves i set the mtor at tdc for #1 and i rotated both of the cams with the timign belt off and they go around and around not hitting, is it possible the car wont start because the valves need to be adjusted bad? thats the only thing i can think off since the piston is all the way up and the valves dont touch it at all. plus when i look at when im rotating the cam when i see it push down the rocker arms in sets of 2 per cylinder one looks like it goes further down then the one next to it liek thye both go down the same time but one seems to go down further. Can someone pleas ehelp me out ive been waiting to drive my car for over a year (Money problmes) and finally after waiting all this time and gettin the money to fix it now ti wont start im at my wits end i dont kno anymore someone please help me!!!!!!!
Anyone please help, checked distributer the timing also the grounds is there anythign else? its gettin fuel its getting spark, it has a newq distributer, new plugs, idk wat else to do please help
Could it be that the valveas arnt properley opening enough? would that cause the car not to start? also it has a chipped p28 ecu, i know the knock sensors is disabled, but what exactly are the sensors that need to be plugged in to the harness and working properly in order to start the car? i mean if there is a plug or mayb a messed up wire connection to one of the valve/sensors that is needed to start the car maybe thats a possible, so what exactly arwe the sensors needed to be working to start?
tell me wut sensors you have hooked up and has the ecu been tuned
when u rotated the pistons to tdc did any stick and was the fireing order correct
ect, ckp, cmp, tps, map or maf, are the 5 basic sencors you need for any engine to start
anybody know if it could be my valves not installed or opening right? because like i said with any piston at tdc with the timing belt off if i rotate either or both of the casmshasfts around and around at some point thwe valves should hit whatever piston is all the way up, this is nto happening thats why i think ti has somehting to do with my valves when a piston is up and the timing belt if off and i roate the cams aroudn and around the valves should hit the top of the piston because thats obviously how you bend your valves because thats what happened to ebgin with and why i had to install new valves, the perosn who put my engine together didnt kno i guess about adj cams gears and installed them but messed up the timing so when i went to start my motor my valves bent i know this because i turned it by hand and while i was going around it stopped and igcoudklnt turn it anymore, so i set the timign right and the car fired right up but with a back firing sound and i did a compression test and like i said it was 2 somethign 2 somethign and 190 and then 175 so i knew my valves ahd bent because the engine had no power but now its nto starting and my valves at no point hit the pisotns
Car is running great now!!!, ended up gettin all the tools nessarey to do a valve adjustment, since thats the only logical explantion i kept askin if that could casue the car not to start if they werent set right because ive went through every single no start threads and posts out there, and did every single thing people suggested to do to get the car running 3 and 4 times over and over again so, i decided to check the valve lash and sure enough they all were set too tight, as soon as i tried to fit the feeler gauge inbetween the cam and rocker arm it wouldnt even slide through, like they were way to tight i had the loosen the adjustent screw a lot for it to finally slide the guage threw, but as soon as i did every single valve to the right spacing and put the valve cover back on, the car started right up like nothing like a new motor should :) !!! im so happy, heres my next problem, its not idleing right though, it way to high i thought maybe cause it was cold out but even when the motor gets hot it still stays at 2000 or maybe go down to 1500 rpm? is there any screw or bolt i can tighten or loosen to adjust the idle? All the vacum hoses are connected and are where they are supose to be i think not positive