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FORZA MOTORSPORT! I finally got a copy, and ive seen the other posts and they are right. Way more parameters on tuning than gt4, more customization, the tracks and simulation feels more realistic, but for me there was on selling point...
Like a Silvia with an RB26DETT pushin almost 800
94Civic hatch with K20A with about 621
This game is just so much more in depth, and on top on GT4, finally someone made a game with car damage. you can lose a bumper, scratch your paint, cause engine damage, tranny damage, and you can fuck your allignment up if you wreck bad enough to where it becomes difficult to drive straight. this game is so detailed the little driver in your car, you can actually watch him steer and shift.
If you have a ps2, sorry but youll have to settle for gt4, its still an ok game
but for you xbox owners looking for a bad ass simulator, pick up Forza


Originally posted by Battle Pope@Jul 3 2005, 04:52 PM

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So he posted that he got Forza before? :p

I've seen and played Forze, it has it's high points... but I'll stick with GT4.

Mainly because I'm too broke to go buy an Xbox. :angry:
im a GT4. im hoping to get a copy this fall when the XBOX 2 comes out and the previous gen drops in price; hoping.

anyway, theres more to a game than just damage and engine swaps. i mean automodelista had engine swaps and that game was lame. and personally, im not really interested in damages to the car because im not into burnout type of games. not that im saying forza sucks or gt4 is better. i just need to try it before i can judge.

and as far as tuning goes, i really dnt play with the settings as much because it always yields slower times for me. maybe because i suck.

however, i love gt4 because it has way more cars than gt3 and the tracks are awesome. i love tsukaba and the circuit de serthe.

hope i can pick up a copy of forza so i can experience this "gt killer".
I've played both. The gameplay in GT4 is better, by far. Alwyas replicated, never duplicated. Forza is a pretty cool game for you XBOX'ers though, so enjoy.

And we'll meet again in the next generation consol's, when Sony mops the floor with Microsoft's ugly mug, all over again.


Rest In Peace
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Jul 6 2005, 02:04 PM
ps2 > xbox
gt4 > forza

the way it was, the way it is.
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:worthy: speaks the truth


Originally posted by ripperbone+Jul 6 2005, 09:40 PM-->
@Jul 6 2005, 02:04 PM
ps2 > xbox
gt4 > forza

the way it was, the way it is.
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:worthy: speaks the truth
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Truth = fact, that's an opinion. I like Forza better, I don't think GT4 has any advantage on it at all, game play wise, options wise, anything, just some overly dramatic cinema scenes.

Xbox > PS2 :ph34r:
i like the gameplay on the GT4 better though; feels more realistic to me(you can actually see weight transfers, etc.), but imo Forza is funner.


I think he is trying to say that "funner" isn't a typicaly a word, at least it wasn't when I was going to school. I know I used to get slapped for saying it instead of "more fun". But I guess in recent time, Merrian has added it to the dictionary, and come up with a usage.