H22/23 Turbo Manifold


Like the title says above, I have a turbo manifold (unknown brand) for what I believe a T3/T4 turbo hookup. It allows the a/c to remain in the car (turbo flange is tilted up and away from a/c compressor). The downpipe is included which has a flexible flange near the end to allow for easy installation on most civics/accords. I am located in DFW texas and wish for this to be a local sale because the part is solid cast iron and with the downpipe it will be a good chunk of change to ship. I am accepting offers and will ship if you are willing to pay the charges! Please email me [email protected]. I accept Paypal, USPS money order only! Pictures available in about a week
Chris :D


H22 and H23 heads DO NOT have the same exhaust manifold/header bolt patterns...

so which is this turbo manifold for?