H22 Accord Questions

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Junior Member
Well, Im in the middle of my swap and I wasnt getting spark. My old engine had an external coil. The h22a has an internal coil. When I plugged the external coil in, and grounded the wire, it fired. How do I hook this up. Where do I plug that harness (for the external coil) in? Is it just because I dont have enough grounds? what do I do?


WRX Sellout
I believe you need an external coil distributor if you want to keep the external coil of your Accord. Why not just use the internal coil?


Super Moderator
Hey, you just need to find the hot wire on the extra harness. IE: You have a plug that used to go to your external coil......Find the wire that gets juice when the key is turned on. Splice that wire into your +terminal wire going into the distributor. I used a generic connector to plug into the old harness. That way, if the internal coil ever went bad, I could switch to external. PS You need a different cap for each setup of course. I think mine was a JH257. That number works at almost all parts stores. Good luck.