h22 accord

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H22 9accord2

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i need help i have a 92 accord i done a h22auto swap and have changed it to a stick now my vtec isn't workin since, im startin to think i should have left a auto it revs line at 6500 like stock motor no good without vtec now can any body please help

H22 9accord2

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yea i changed the ecu its a p13 man what up with limp mode and how do i fix it??? i need help it makes me mad i done the swap auto to 5sp and my vtec quits i just bought a nother accord today just 4 parts 5sp i was gonna changed the wirein harness and c if it helps but i hate 2 do that it makes no sense to though it worked and then it dont please let me know what i can do


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change the harness because the harness on the auto and manual is different, and that could be a problem....when i did my h22 the thing stalled out when i tried to move and when i turned the car off and took the key out, it was still running, all because of the oil pressure sensor not wired up haha, but yea, do the harness because with hondas....stupid small wire problem could turn into huge problem

H22 9accord2

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you really think that will help i hate 2 do it and it not make a dif know what i mean but it makes no sense it worked fine with the auto would u change the whole wirein harness inside and out or just motor


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mine 5 spd h22 accord is STILL rocking an auto harness...do you have a check engine light? if so whats ur code? there's a reason ur in limp mode and i doubt its the harness


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Turbob20EG said:
I wld send female friend to salvage yard and see if they let her trade for USDM one
. It sounds stupid but it had worked in past of things. I have seen places where they have ton of something in back but still try and
you until send in female

and would this happen to be you? lol
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does anybody know what it might be please help and can anybody tell me what limp mode is

He did just give you two places to read up, basically check your ecu to see if it is a JDM ecu and if so then it needs to be replaced with the USDM ecu, that was one option.....